Who we


The Sustainable Energy Association is a member-based industry body offering innovative policy solutions that link up building-level technologies and the wider energy system to achieve a low carbon, secure energy future for the UK, benefits for UK consumers, and commercial growth for businesses working in the sector. We are technology agnostic, taking a whole building and whole heating system approach which does not favour one technology over another, but rather focuses on the right solution. We promote holistic ‘fabric first’ approaches to developing heat policy.

Since its foundation in 2014, the Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) has made significant contributions toward the development of policy affecting building-level energy measures. Capitalising on the technical-know how inherent to its member companies and the vigorous campaigning efforts of its staff, backed up with robust economic analysis, the association has been vocal and effective in arguing for improvements in policy, from the  Home Upgrade Grant to Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for example.

The SEA provides its members with up-to-date information, analysis and insight into policy developments. Equally, its insightful political analysis and collaborative and constructive approach to policy development backed by robust evidence and analysis ensures that decision makers respect the SEA and engage with in the policy development process. The SEA works to ensure that decision makers are fully informed of the abilities of the sustainable energy and energy efficiency industries to contribute towards the United Kingdom’s economic, social and environmental prosperity.

Our membership includes retailers and manufacturers of energy saving measures, insulation and heating systems, installers, energy suppliers, innovators,  housing providers and other organisations with expertise in energy in buildings.

Our Vision

and Mission

In a world of finite resources, the Sustainable Energy Association exists to help create living and working spaces fit for future generations.

Our work seeks to align the interests of business, politicians and consumers to make this a reality, supporting improvements in public health, increasing national employment and generating sustainable economic growth.

We are industry leaders in energy in buildings. We are technology agnostic and provide objective, evidence-based policy positions which help shape how we think about, generate and use energy. We are constructive, collaborative and committed to achieving our vision, by ensuring that buildings are energy efficient, net-zero carbon, warm and healthy.

The SEA recognises that there is no single solution to decarbonising energy in buildings. A range of technology solutions, financing models, and delivery methods are required. In practice, reducing the energy needs of buildings requires a multi technology solution, tailored to the circumstances of the building and its occupants. In other words, a whole building, technology neutral approach, which starts with the building fabric.

Our vision will be achieved when all buildings are energy efficient, net-zero carbon, warm and healthy.

We have identified 5 key deliverables that must be addressed if we are to achieve this vision.

  • Firstly, that the knowledge and skills exist in the industry to deliver a holistic approach to decarbonising buildings while enhancing health and wellbeing.
  • Secondly, good quality and high performance are the norm in the sustainable energy and energy efficiency sectors.
  • We need strong consumer and client demand for energy efficiency and low carbon heating solutions.
  • Also, rapid take up of innovation, of new and existing technologies, to advance the delivery of energy efficient and low carbon buildings.
  • Finally and most importantly, we need long-term, joined up and effective policy and regulation to deliver energy efficiency and sustainable energy in our UK buildings.