What our members say

We have decided to join the SEA because we believe their in-depth sector insight and their industry-network could be invaluable for a small SME like ourselves. This is a very critical time for energy efficiency – with numerous councils announcing climate emergency, and newly launched national schemes such as the Green Homes Grant or ECO4 – it is a perfect time to be part of such a proactive group and be on top of what’s going on in the sector!

At a time when industry-wide action to focus on reaching the UK’s ambitious net zero target is vital, BRE is delighted to be joining the SEA. The SEA’s whole house and whole heating system approach is in line with our own, developed over nearly a century of research on the built environment, and 30 years of delivering the world-leading BREEAM scheme. 

Cara EPS Ltd joined the SEA as it recognises the important work the organisation is doing, including helping set policy agendas at government level and leading on best practice in sustainability in low carbon energy.

If you accept climate change will be dominating the agenda over the next 30 years, then it’s crucial we offer solutions and pathways to policy makers.  The SEA is one of the leading organisations in the UK doing this. By working with the SEA it gives us as an SME a voice, in both policy and best practice.

This is a time of immense change as the entire world transitions to a sustainable model. There are tremendous business opportunities opening up and Clade are leading the way in commercial heat pumps. As a UK manufacturer we recognise the importance of working with partners in the sector and with the Government to achieve a successful decarbonisation of heat. We are really excited to be joining the SEA who are a vital link between business, the broader sector and the policy makers.

We value greatly the input from a diverse range of low carbon industry stakeholders and the evidence base approach that the SEA takes. The work of the SEA is very much aligned to EDF’s own vision of helping Britain achieve net zero.

Gemserv shares SEA’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Our membership will enable us to work with our peers to promote energy efficiency and low carbon solutions as a single, unified, and well integrated, “demand side” approach.

We are excited to be a part of the SEA membership, working together to accelerate the transition to net zero in the UK by showcasing the sustainable technologies that are available to the built environment. Herschel Infrared delivers an energy efficient, highly controllable and quick to install electric heating solution that has a significant role to play in the fight against climate change.

Our decision to join the SEA was not a difficult one. The potential benefits for our business are immense. The connections the SEA has and its proactive approach to addressing issues are a breath of fresh air.

We’re really excited to be apart of the Sustainable Energy Association and a group of likeminded companies.  The interaction with other members from diverse sectors and the knowledge we will no doubt share, will play a significant role in ensuring e develop valuable customer led technologies that will accelerate the retrofit of domestic properties, in turn improving energy efficiencies and reducing fuel poverty.

Knauf Insulation is pleased to be part of the SEA. Only through a holistic approach to energy efficiency and micro-generation will we make serious progress in reducing carbon emissions from our building stock. Our participation in the SEA is a building block in the realisation of this objective.

The SEA’s vision and cross-Industry membership, together with its technologically agnostic grounding, helps to develop balanced policy proposals, based upon a strong economic rationale, with supporting evidence and analysis to add weight to recommendations. Ultimately, the SEA helps to support better policy-making, better standards, better, more efficient buildings and improved outcomes for the people that occupy those buildings, as well as market growth for the Industry.

Membership of the SEA compliments Mitsubishi Electric’s own Green Gateway approach which seeks to influence the ways in which everyone can play their part in achieving an increase in efficiency and a reduction in energy use and CO2 emissions.

As a small business with a big ambition to help the UK achieve net zero, Naked Energy decided to join the SEA to be part of a group that are alert to the evolving political landscape and a driving force to maximise the impact of its members.

Energy efficiency has long been recognised as the most cost effective way to meet all of the goals of energy policy. We have seen the SEA develop in recent years to become a very effective and constructive voice for a fabric-first approach to energy policy. Recticel are therefore pleased to be an Executive Member of this influential organisation as it helps to shape the UK market for the future.

We’re committed to providing homes which offer affordable warmth to our residents. We also feel it is a key part of our social purpose to help tackle climate change. Being a member of the SEA gives us an opportunity to do both.

It is a crucial time for social landlords, local authorities, manufacturers, suppliers and policy makers to come together to shape the energy efficiency of current and future homes across the country, and the SEA is helping to make that happen.