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Net Zero APPG – Scaling up Net Zero Homes and Buildings

Net Zero APPG – Scaling up Net Zero Homes and Buildings

Written by SEA Chief Executive Jade Lewis What policies would unlock and accelerate a just transition to Net Zero homes and buildings and deliver greener, healthier homes, buildings and communities? For those of you who don’t know the Sustainable Energy Association,...

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The Government has released a consultation on plans to expand VAT #energy savings materials relief.

Proposals suggest including additional technologies in the relief scheme and to extend this to ESM in buildings used for charitable purposes.

We would like to congratulate our members who have received funding from Wave 2:1 of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF).

The fund will help upgrade the #energyefficiency of social, whilst improving the well-being of #socialhousing tenants.

We are an official partner for the new @NatRetrofitHub.

We’re looking forward to offering our advice for how to #decarbonise heat and buildings through our fabric-first, #technologyagnostic approaches.

Read the press release:

The Government and the Greater Manchester and West Midlands Combined Authorities have agreed on a devolution deal.

It grants more funding and control over housing, #NetZero policies such as #energyefficiency and clean heat, as well as retrofit matters.,drive%20growth%20in%20the%20region

1/2) #Energyefficiency is vitally important and will help to ensure not just the acceleration of the UK’s decarbonisation agenda, but will provide greater #energysecurity.

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