New consultation sets out ambition for Future Homes Standard

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The proposed upgrades to the standards in Building Regulations in 2020 are essential to pave the way for the Future Homes Standard from 2025. The consultation outlines how from 2025, an average home will need to achieve 75-80% lower carbon emissions than one built to current energy efficiency requirements, and this is to be achieved through mandating world-leading levels of energy efficiency and low carbon heating in new homes.

The SEA has consistently called for improvements to buildings to future proof them, to improve their energy efficiency and to install low carbon heating. We are pleased therefore, to see the inclusion of many of our recommendations in this consultation. This includes our recommendations for improved energy efficiency, for new homes to have low carbon heating and heating systems should operate with a flow-rate temperature of 55°C or lower. This is something we recommended in our 3 reports on heating system plus. The SEA has also recommended closing the loophole which allow homes to be built to outdated standards so action on this is very welcome. We have also stressed the importance of closing the performance gap between actual and specified performance of homes and on providing more information to homeowners. The proposals in this area are therefore a step forward.

Lesley Rudd, Chief Executive of the Sustainable Energy Association said:

“We welcome the Building Regulations consultation and its recognition that a fabric first approach to energy efficiency and immediate deployment of low-carbon heating in new builds is essential to achieve our net-zero ambitions. Also welcomed is the recognition that the Future Homes Standard needs to be implemented as soon as possible and the proposals on future proofing homes, including operating heating systems at lower temperatures. We look forward to working with government on and will be responding to this consultation and the additional ones due to be published over the coming months on behalf of our wide-ranging membership.”


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  1. The consultation on The Future Homes Standard: changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations for new dwellings can be accessed here
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