Sustainable Energy Association Christmas reception speeches

Lesley Rudd, Acting CEO of Sustainable Energy Association

Lesley welcomed attendees to the Sustainable Energy Association’s 2016 Christmas Reception. She highlighted the importance of homes and buildings in improving the nation’s health, reducing energy bills, increasing industrial competitiveness and protecting the environment for future generations. She called for long term stable policy direction from central Government and for energy efficiency to be included in the Government’s industrial strategy.

Nick Hurd Minister of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Minister Nick Hurd spoke about climate change, energy efficiency, heat and the industrial strategy. He highlighted the importance of Government, suppliers and organisations in the sector working together to deliver these industry goals.

The minister highlighted the success of the SEA in representing the industry in Government and pushing the consistent message of the need for a longer term policy framework.

The Rt Hon. the Lord Deben

Lord Deben’s speech emphasised on the need for consistency and continuity in policy as well as a necessity to follow the same agenda as other countries and work together to tackle climate change. Lord Deben also stressed that doing the right thing and being “green” should be made easier and more “mainstream”.