SEA Launches Bill to ensure Clean Growth

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The Energy from Buildings and Community Bill will be introduced into Parliament shortly by a cross-party group of MPs. It will turn words into action.

SEA’s Head of Parliamentary Affairs, Ron Bailey said:

“We will build a large national alliance behind this Bill and a large supporter base. Having worked successfully with current Ministers Greg Clark and Nick Hurd in the past to promote their Private Member’s Bills, I look forward to further successful collaboration on this SEA Bill. The Government has accepted that it must do more to reach the 4th Carbon Budget, and the 5th Carbon Budget is also in jeopardy. This Energy from Buildings and Community Bill can save 23.6 MtCO2 per annum by 2030, create 108,000 jobs (net) and save the NHS money in dealing with cold related illnesses.

“We are fortunate in having two Government Ministers whom we know are committed to this cause. We will be taking an unusual step of sending them the bill in advance of publication in order to get their comments – and hopefully words of support and will be seeking a meeting with them to discuss the Bill.”

For more information on this campaign please see this flyer.

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