Sustainable Energy Association welcomes Rebecca Pow’s Household and Commercial Energy Consumption (Innovative Technologies) Bill

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Today Rebecca Pow MP (C Taunton Deane) will introduce the above Bill into Parliament. It will require the Secretary of State to undertake a public consultation relating to how new innovative technologies that are being developed can assist the Government in its aims to:

  • reduce fuel bills
  • reduce emissions of CO2
  • Help deal with fuel poverty.

The Secretary of State must then report on ways in which the Government can utilise these technologies to achieve its objectives, and how it will encourage their development.

Chief Executive, Lesley Rudd said: “We wholeheartedly welcome this move by Rebecca Powell and congratulate her on promoting this Bill. A holistic approach to delivering clean growth is key and we must encourage greater innovation in approaches to energy efficiency and decarbonisation of our  buildings.

Numerous organisations, including many of our members, are developing innovative  carbon and fuel saving technologies that will deliver benefits for both consumers and the UK economy.

This Bill will encourage innovation and investment in it. We hope the Minister will support it.”

Rebecca Pow MP said: “I know that the Minister has great commitment and enthusiasm for promoting innovative technology so I hope that she will respond positively to my Bill and announce a ‘public consultation’ whereby industry is invited to submit to her information regarding how their new technologies can assist the Government. Such a move by her will stimulate ideas and investment and so lead to lower fuel bills and less emissions of CO2. This will benefit not just my constituents in Taunton Deane but people everywhere by reducing fuel bills and creating a cleaner environment.”



Notes to editors:

  1. The Sustainable Energy Association is a member based industry body with a broad range of members including housing and finance providers, energy efficiency companies, energy suppliers, system installers and manufacturers of insulation, low-carbon heating and other building-scale energy technologies.
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