Working together to create a more sustainable building stock: Reflections from the InstallerSHOW and Housing 2024

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We were delighted to see so many SEA members out promoting sustainable energy solutions at both Birmingham’s InstallerSHOW and Manchester’s Housing 2024. From heat pumps to insulation, sustainable construction to infrared and building controls, our member base demonstrates our dedication to a whole building, whole heating system approach to sustainable energy. It was inspiring to witness first-hand the diverse technologies on show last week that are contributing to a whole-building approach to decarbonisation.

The Sustainable Energy Association exists to help create living and working spaces fit for future generations, and our work seeks to align the interests of businesses, politicians and consumers to make this a reality. Our vision is for all buildings to be energy efficient, net-zero carbon, warm and healthy. We believe that the key to achieving this will be promoting a holistic, technology agnostic approach rooted in the recommendation of the right technology for the right circumstances. No one can be left behind as we transform our energy consumption, and this means no individual solution can be prioritised above any others. With an incredibly varied building stock across the UK, and a population just as diverse, every technology, material and solution has a role to play in creating a more sustainable built environment.  

The UK’s building stock is old and thermally inefficient, creating inadequate living and working spaces defined by cold, expensive and unhealthy environments. Our member base includes retailers and manufacturers of energy saving measures, insulation and heating systems, installers, energy suppliers, innovators, housing providers and other organisations with expertise in sustainable energy in buildings. Fostering collaboration throughout the industry is crucial to ensure a just transition to net zero, identifying the needs of individual consumers and curating a joined-up approach to heat and buildings policy.

It is great to see our member base engaging and contributing to our shared mission to create tailored decarbonisation opportunities accessible to all, collaborating to put forward innovative and forward-thinking technologies and solutions for improving every living and working space in the UK.

Read some of our member testimonials on why collaboration in the energy sector is vital to accelerating a just transition to net zero. 

NIBE is a proud member of the Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) and supports its work ensuring the voice of the sector is heard in conversations relating to the UK’s path to Net Zero. As staunch advocates of renewable technologies, heat pumps in particular, NIBE is committed to helping smooth the path to a low carbon future for heat pump specifiers, installers and end users.

A collective approach is key, and it’s great to see so many in our industry talking and listening to each other at the InstallerSHOW. It’s an exciting time in building services and for the UK at large, with a common goal that ultimately results in a sustainable future.

As an SME, partnering with the SEA has been a game-changer for us at Trust Electric Heating. The SEA has not only opened our eyes to the intricacies of policymaking but has also provided us with a significant platform to actively shape government policies from the top. 

We had the unique opportunity to showcase our innovative electric heating technology at Whitehall, significantly influencing the future of the heating and sustainability industry.

Being a part of the SEA has also guaranteed that we are always well-informed and up to date with the latest developments and opportunities in the sector, something you often don’t get exposed to as an SME. 

Essentially, our collaboration has been instrumental in our growth and success, allowing us to contribute to the transformation of the electric heating industry as we know it.