SEA welcomes adoption of Net-Zero Target – policy is now needed to deliver

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The Sustainable Energy Association welcomes today’s highly significant announcement that the UK will adopt a target of net-zero carbon by 2050 and that this will be laid down in legislation. This is a major step forward which can encourage growth across the low-carbon economy, help stop global warming and ensure our children have a future.

Around 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions comes from our buildings so achieving the net-zero target will require policies that drive widespread uptake of energy efficiency and the decarbonisation of heating. The SEA has been campaigning for all homes to be brought up to EPC Band C by 2035 and for legislation to drive this via the Domestic Properties (Minimum Energy Performance) (No.2) Bill. We hope that this Bill will now have full cross departmental,  government support. 

The Sustainable Energy Association applauds the work of the Committee on Climate Change who made the Net Zero recommendation and is delighted that the government has adopted it. We also recognise the good work being done within the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to develop policy and hope that this announcement will ensure that all departments across government will work together to develop policy and regulation that will deliver net zero.

Lesley Rudd, Chief Executive of the Sustainable Energy Association today said :

“The announcement that the UK will formally adopt a net-zero carbon target is welcomed by the Sustainable Energy Association. SEA members have the technologies available now to reduce emissions from buildings and we are eager to play our part in delivering net zero for the sake of future generations. At a time of great uncertainty for UK businesses the net-zero announcement should signal an increase in momentum and implementation of policies to improve energy efficiency and decarbonise heat. It should send a signal to investors that the UK intends to lead in energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation. This can only be done if the announcement is closely followed by the implementation of detailed polices. Tackling climate change and achieving net zero will be neither easy nor cheap and it will require investment from government and industry but the cost of inaction is far great than the cost of action. “