The Sustainable Energy Association re-appoints Lord Best as President and welcomes Russell Dean and Graham Wright as Vice Presidents

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With the support of its members, the Sustainable Energy Association warmly welcomes both Graham Wright from Daikin, and Russell Dean from Mitsubishi Electric into their roles as Vice Presidents today and thanks its re-appointed President, Lord Best for his valuable and ongoing support.

This announcement comes at a pivotal moment for the Sustainable Energy Association and for industry and government; the green recovery is high on the agenda and has already instigated a number of schemes to drive the energy efficiency of homes and buildings forward. The SEA is proud to be contributing to the development of the policy and structural change required and is in a strong position to support its members through what is an exciting but challenging time for everyone.

In the weeks and months moving forward, effort must be taken to ensure that actionable change to improve the energy efficiency of homes happens quickly, and this will require commitment and collaboration. Today, the SEA calls for this to be recognised and for more to be done to ensure that our homes and buildings are fit for purpose. The climate crisis has not gone anywhere, and the impacts of covid-19 have only exposed those most vulnerable to the crisis further. The association is hopeful that the united ambitions to drive the green recovery, reach net zero and eliminate fuel poverty will deliver the change required. Greater collaboration within the industry has never been more important.

President of the Sustainable Energy Association, Lord Best said: “I am delighted to be re-elected as SEA President at this critical time in the unfolding emergency of climate change. The Association is taking a leading role in promoting legislation to improve energy efficiency, with Private Members Bills being sponsored in both Houses of Parliament, and in championing urgent and innovative action to cut carbon emissions. I am honoured to be part of these efforts.”

These sentiments were mirrored by the newly elected Vice President Graham Wright:
“The use of renewable technologies in UK homes and commercial buildings is dramatically increasing and we all face a considerable challenge: we must understand how to design, install and maintain new heating systems, build homes that perform as designed, and reduce our carbon emissions at the same time. To be elected joint Vice President of the Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) at this time is a huge responsibility; I am mindful of the sterling work that the SEA has been doing over recent years and grateful for receiving the support of my fellow members. This is a very interesting time for the association and the wider building industry, and it is one that calls for industry collaboration. We must come together in ways we have never seen before.”

Fellow Vice President, Russell Dean said: “Since its foundation, the Sustainable Energy Association and its membership have made significant contributions toward the development of policy affecting building-level energy measures and before us now sits our biggest target yet: the ambitious challenge to reach net-zero by 2050. Decarbonising our building stock will be critical in achieving NetZero; the SEA has the experts and solutions to make an immediate difference and it is essential that the industry works together. That’s why I’m delighted to be working as Joint VP, alongside Graham Wright from Daikin: we will  look at how we can promote the full range of skills, expertise and technologies to allow the SEA and its members to work with government and other bodies, and to really start to tackle the built environment.”

The Sustainable Energy Association would also like to thank its outgoing Vice President, Richard Burnley (former Managing Director at Kingspan) for his fantastic contribution.
It would also like to thank its members for their continuous support.