New report launched on “Net Zero, Technology and Tenants”

Categories: Heating

Government, the low carbon heating industry and the social housing sector should work together to provide free, simple consumer advice to tenants to help them understand low carbon heating technology, a new report has found.

Placeshapers, Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) and Tpas England launched the new report on “Net Zero, Technology and Tenants” today.

Its findings are based on a roundtable hosted by the three organisations with social housing tenants across England alongside heat pump manufacturers Mitsubishi and Vaillant.

The aim of the roundtable was to better inform social housing tenants about heat pumps and discuss how the manufacturers can better understand their end users’ needs and questions.

The concerns from tenants centred on three main themes: the running costs, the installation process and how they might need to change their behaviours to use heat pumps. The report makes key recommendations for Government, Social Housing Landlords, Technology Manufacturers and Industry. These all focus on the urgent need for more information and advice and proactive communication with tenants throughout any installation process.

Placeshapers Chief Executive, Rachael Orr said, “In our experience tenants want to embrace low carbon heating. What they need now is information, advice and clear answers to their questions on what it means for them and how to ensure they get the best possible service.” 

Jade Lewis, SEA Chief Executive commented, “An eye-opening roundtable clearly highlighting the nervousness and concerns of social housing tenants when faced with the concept of changing to new, low carbon heating technologies, like heat pumps. We need to provide them with the right support, advice and reassurances they need to make the changes required to help us decarbonise our homes.”

Tpas England Chief Executive, Jenny Osbourne MBE hopes “that this report is useful and can be used as a source of information for social housing landlords who are considering implementing heat pumps, as well as answering tenants’ questions.”

The report is available to download here.